Tammy Melki

Tammy Melki


 3rd Grade
Room 116



About Me

I'm to happy to be at Settler's Point and back in 3rd Grade!  I taught 4th grade for the last 4 years and 3rd grade for 14 years before that.  I love this age and the curriculum we teach!

I teach fitness classes as an extra job that forces me to work out! I love coffee, scrapbooking, geocaching, and of course visiting my children and grandchildren on every single break!

I have three children (well...adults). My oldest daughter, Christina, lives in Salem, Oregon, is married to Gary and has a new sweet little baby born on July 7th named Penny.  Christina is a professor at Corban University where she teaches genetics, microbiology, and life sciences.  

Jackie, my second, lives in Houston, Texas, is married to Jordan and has two adorable children.  She has Gideon (age 3) and Colette (1 year old+).  She is a stay at home mom, but taught 6th grade math before staying home.

Fouad, my youngest, is a musician.  He was a percussion major at ASU and since graduation has taught high school percussion in Plano, Texas, performed on a cruise ship for 6 months out of New York, will be signing on another ship out of Sydney, Austraila from September to January and will be performing dueling pianos for Howl at the Moon after he returns from Australia.