Jill Ence

Jill Ence

Ence, J

Subject or Grade: Kindergarten 


Kindergarten Rocks!! And so do the Kindergarteners!!!  

We learn our letters and sounds, and move into reading and writing.
We also learn numbers and their quantities and also adding and subtracting.
This is all just a little bit of what goes on in Kindergarten. 

About Me

I have a bachelors degree in Family and Human Development and a Masters in Education. I am Early Childhood Certified and also Reading certified.  I have worked in Kindergarten for 20 years!  I still love it!!  

I am married to Rich Ence.  He was in sales for 15 years and was a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep for 10 of those years.  He is now a Marketing and DECA teacher in Mesa Schools.  

We have four children and they are all married and have children!!!  We have ten, yes I said ten!!  grandchildren.  There are 3 boys and 7 girls.  They range in ages from 7 years old down to 4 weeks old.   What a ton of fun when we all get together!!!